Custom Framing

Custom Picture Framing

For 30 years, LeMieux Galleries has offered our customers the highest quality of custom picture framing supported with knowledge, experience, service and selection.

We strive to meet our clients' fine art and framing needs, and help them to realize that you can live as long without art, but not as well. Call for an appointment or stop by.

Custom Picture Framing

Conservation Framing

Conservation FramingConservation Framing creates a safe and protective environment in which to preserve the life and value of your artwork. Every piece of art requires individual consideration to determine the appropriate frame, glazing and matting options. Because we are an art gallery, we offer first hand knowledge and professional care when it comes to handling all of your fine art.

Conservation Framing using archival materials that are stable and acid-free. All hinging and support of the artwork is completely reversible and not harmful to the object. When glass is used in the framing, there must be space between the art and the glass.

Framing Collectibles

Framing CollectiblesThroughout your life you acquire irreplaceable items deserving of a place of honor.

Only the proper materials and techniques will ensure that your prized possessions tell their stories for years to come.

Mementos of a time past can be preserved by floating then in a shadow box.

Souvenir Books
Souvenier books or magazines can be framed using multiple openings and mats.

Certificates and Other Documents
Almost any kind of collectibles can be framed including (but not limted to) special proclamations, awards, baby handprints, concert tickets, metals, baseball cards, autographs, antique needle work, maps, sports jersey the list goes on and on.

Framing Canvases

Every canvas or work on board requires individual consideration to determine the appropriate frame.

We offer first hand knowledge and experience to help you with your selection. Have an unstretched work? We can assist you with that as well.

Floater Frames
Floater frames can give canvases a finished contemporary look with a minimal frame.

Decorative Mouldings
A decorative moulding with a linen liner and a fillet offers a more traditional treatment for your canvas.

Works on Paper and Photographs

When framing works on paper, including photographs there are many elements to take into consideration including matting and glazing. When framing works on paper, including photographs there are many elements to take into consideration including matting and glazing.

Our years of experience will help you design a custom frame that not only reflects your personality and taste but will also protect your piece for years to come.

Acid Free Mats
Enhance your photograph wtih an acid free mat. Mats are custom cut to fit any size and come in a variety of colors.

Double Mats
Works on paper can be enhanced using double mats. Artworks can be floated to preserve the natural edge of the paper When Framing works on paper a mat or a spacer should be used to separate your artwork from the glass. Mats not only make the overall size of the finished piece but also allow the artwork to expand and contract with changes in humidity. There are many variations of glazing to be considered when framing works on paper. We recommend at minimum the use of a conservation clear glass to protect your artwork from UV light.

Value Line

There are thousands of different frame styles and sizes that come in a variety of finishes. Included in our selection are a line of frames that offers a cost effective solution for custom picture framing.

Our Value Line of frames are quality picture frames purchased at bulk so we can pass the savings on to our clients.