Current Exhibitions

June 2nd - July 28th, 2018: Marcy Lally "WILD WISDOM"

Upcoming Exhibitions

August 1st - September 22nd, 2018: "And Now for Something New" Vol 1
October 6th - November 17th, 2018: Mary Monk
November 24th - December 29th, 2018: Kris Wenschuh

Recent Exhibitions

April 28th - May 26th, 2018: Benjamin Shamback "Flowers Color the Landscape"
March 3rd - April 21st, 2018: Carolyn Zacharias McAdams "Passing Through the Blue"
March 3rd - April 21st, 2018: Kate Samworth "The Antidote Series"
March 3rd - April 21st, 2018: Emily Wilson "Sun and Silhouette"
January 6th - February 24th, 2018: Aron Belka "Call to Post"
November 25th - December 30th, 2017: Billy Solitario "Slivers of Land"
November 4th - 18th, 2017: Bombay Artisan Series 2017
September 23rd - October 28th, 2017: Kathryn Hunter "The Concurrence of Things"