When we worked out the 2020 schedule over a year ago I knew that I wanted to host a group show to celebrate our 5th anniversary of gallery ownership and also my 20th year at the gallery. For me the natural theme was family. Family is more than just who your parents are, it’s the people you surround yourself with and that is what this gallery has become and deserves celebration. Meanwhile 2020 rolled in and with it came Covid 19 and an international pandemic. Most of us followed stay at home orders for months and are now trying to navigate this new world we live in. While we are still reeling from a pandemic this country faces yet another crisis of civil liberties as more black Americans were killed at the hands of law enforcement. I had a thought that maybe “family” wasn’t a good theme after all, that maybe it would be best to repeat a theme of change (ouroboros) from our last group show when we took over the gallery in 2015. After some thought and discussion we decided that “family” is a fitting theme because it can be a representation of change & adaptation as we deal with Covid AND ALSO a source of strength and power as we chose our “family” and the people we select to aid and elevate in this world in the midst of social turmoil.

The exhibition includes artsits we've had the pleasure of working with over the past twenty years. 

A percentage of the sales from the show will be split between The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center https://lafairhousing.org/ and Silence is Violence http://silenceisviolence.org/ 

August 1st - September 12th, 2020