Pippin Frisbie Calder "The Rookery"

Coming Soon!

Based in new Orleans, Louisiana, Pippin Frisbie-Calder's work mixes western and eastern printmaking techniques and styles to narrate critical histories of the wetlands.

Her upcoming show "The Rookery" focuses on bird species that migrate to Central and/or South America during the winter via the Gulf Coast. These migrants return each spring to breed in North America, some nesting far as north Canada or Greenland . As Frisbie-Calder explains, "Whether we know it or not, these Neotropical-Nearctic migrants connect us to the global community, every year bringing stories of habitat and climate with them. Living in the Anthropocene, the age in which human activity is the dominant factor in changing the climate and natural environment, it is important to revel in the beauty of the world, to understand what we currently have, and to gain a sense of stewardship for natural spaces."


October 5th - November 16th, 2019

There are no works listed for this exhibition.