Available Paintings, 2010-2017

"Stories Told", 2014

A synthesis of memories and places of significance from Blankenstein's hometown of Natchez, Miss., the intent is not illustration but rather a type of alchemy. A blending of tangible spaces and transient experiences, in images that will go onto live on other walls, in other homes, and become part of other lives.

Vidal Blankenstein

Vidal Blankenstein's paintings and mixed media images explore the relationship between the human figure and its natural, architectural and emotional environments. The images are haunting and compelling. There are often fragments of figures and trees weaving in and out of lightness and darkness creating an odd dream-like reality. The recurring simple house form that appears in the work serves as a visual container for life's experiences.

Vidal Blankenstein's work has achieved recognition from the curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the director of Penland School of Arts and Crafts. The artist's works have been awarded and exhibited throughout the Southeast , including museums such as the Ohr / O'Keefe Arts Center, the Arkansas Arts Center, and the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.