"Tatted Threads", 2016

Knitted Pieces, 2013

Theresa Honeywell

A Washington DC native, Theresa Honeywell, began her artistic explorations of Pop art and Tattoo imagery after college. Using the traditionally feminine  mediums of knitting and embroidery, she began to create a distinctly non-gender specific body of work that reflects her interest in low-brow art and macho tattoo culture. This dichotomy between art and craft, macho and feminine is where she finds her inspiration.Provocative imagery and macho icons are rendered into delicate and beautiful pieces of art that seem to question the notion of what art is, and what is only a handicraft. Her work is very labor intensive and densely rendered. She takes a craft that is considered to be pretty and merely decorative, and creates art that comments on our rigid notions of gender roles and high/low culture.Theresa Honeywell attended Montgomery College in 1995-1997, University of Georgia 2001-2005, and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in 2004 where she received a Masters degree in Sculpture. Theresas work has been featured in various international publications, including W magazine, Nickelodeon, Victim, Needled, and Make Magazine. Her work has been displayed in many galleries and museums from San Francisco and New York.