"Wild Wood & Water", 2019

Paintings, 2018

Stare Paintings, 2016

"Glimmer Steady Inside the Stone", 2014

“The Symphony Inside Her”, 2012

Nathan Durfee

Nathan Durfee has garnered notoriety across the Southeast for his captivating, pop-surrealist narratives and intriguing use of color. Currently based in Charleston, South Carolina, Durfee has been heralded as the 2010 Best Local Visual Artist by Charleston City Paper and the winner of the 2010 Charleston Portrait Slam, in addition to receiving the Teatrio Cultural Association book award for his children's book Hello My Name is Bernard. Each of Durfee's solo gallery exhibitions has also been met with critical acclaim and sold out almost immediately.

Durfee has also recently been profiled in American Art Collector, Charleston Art and Charleston Scene magazines.A native of Vermont, Durfee pursued a career in illustration after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, contributing to various publications across the Southeast, in addition to designing album art and commercial promotional materials. Durfee then began to explore his love of painting, creating fanciful contemporary narratives that feature an eclectic array of characters in mesmerizing and often contrasting color palettes. He made a seamless transition into from illustrator to full-time painter in 2009.