Available Work

Michael Pajón

Michael Pajón is a mixed media collage artist with a passion for print and a love of old books. His dense compositions with meticulously hand-cut materials are sourced from heavily illustrated antique books and ephemera. By breaking up context and repurposing materials into fables, portraits, Homeric landscapes, and allegorical tales filled with romance and ennui, he creates something beautiful out the imperfect and antiquated establishing a contemporary dialogue with the reader. “Pajón is not simply using the visual language of the paper fragments he includes in his collage, he is using their history -the nostalgic images of children from elementary readers, the off-portrayal of wildlife from inaccurate encyclopedias, the over simplified illustration of human anatomy – to weave a narrative about our place in the world and how we have come to understand it.”

He attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduating in 2003 with a focus in printmaking. Eventually gravitating to the graphic potential of the medium that closely resembled the comics he loved as a child, he also worked as an assistant and studio manager to renowned artist Tony Fitzpatrick. During this time, Pajón started making assemblages of the bits and pieces he had accumulated from alleys, junkshops, and thrift stores, slicing up old children's books and vintage postcards and rearranging them into disjointed tales of Americana.