"Drawn Underwater", 2019

Prints, 2018-2019

Lenticular Photo, 2005

Margaret Ross Tolbert

Margaret Ross Tolbert is a painter based in Gainesville, Florida. She studied painting in the University of Florida with Hiram Williams where she received her MFA and BFA, minoring in linguistics. She was a National Merit Finalist, awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Creative Award, member of Phi Kappa Phi, and a scholarship distance runner for the University of Florida. She was an artist-in-schools for Volousia county, Florida and subseqeuntially began her career as a full-time painter. Over the last twenty years she has executed series of paintings, drawings and lithographs from studies in the U.S., France and Turkey. Her commissions include projects for series of paintings with residencies in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Oman, enabling her to continue her research for her series Doors and study of languafe and dance from the regions of the ancient trade routes. Another continuing focus is the Springs of North Florida, whose paradisical presence provide a sense of ideal destination and the exoptic in the her-and-now that couinterpoints the sense of passage, time and journey implicit in the Doors paintings. Recent exhinitions have included dancer performances and animations presenting the energy of the creative act of painting, of ethnic dance, and of exploration of the springs and the creative process. These include ENERGY performances with Stefan Cracuin for Shands Arts in Medicine, Edsvik Konsthall, and Marten Pers Skalla in Sweden.