Near and Far, 2016

Lee Deigaard

My work explores animal protagonists and the emotional spaces and physical landscapes where humans and animals co-habitate, our respective presences overlapping, impinging, and shaping how we encounter our environment. I work in a variety of media from sculpture, video, and sound installation, to photography and drawing. I am interested in immersive space, issues of scale, simultaneity, rhythm, and focus.

I work with animal family members and wild animals who live in woods and farmland I have frequented for years. My nocturnal portraits of animals consider animal autonomy, trespass, proprioceptive awareness, and artistic collaboration at the edge of darkness. My digital animations, videos, and installations explore inter-species interactions, plasticity, and the environment, and the chimeric power of memory and longing. I am interested in ways of seeing and being seen in turn: the crossing of gazes, mutual awareness and unawareness, and how close observation incorporates past, present, and future.