"Liza Jane & the Dragon", 2018

The Antidote Series, 2018

"The Immortal Charles Peale", 2013

Books & Mixed Media , 2011-2018

Additional photos available for all pieces, please inquire with gallery for more details.

Paintings, 2008-2012

Prints and Drawings, 2007-2009

Kate Samworth

Kate (Catherine) Samworth
b. 1967 Chattanooga, TN Kate Samworth was raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Her interest in the environment began with her father, who worked as a civil engineer on energy and water issues, and from her mother, who frequently took her family camping and bird-watching. Her narrative paintings respond to our impact upon the natural world, with landscapes drawn from memory and invention, inspired by her travels in Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica, and especially Brazil. Figures in her work often find themselves lost or scavenging in unfamiliar terrain, while birds appear as symbols of both fear for the natural world and of optimism. She studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, where she became a painting instructor, and earned a BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.