Jason Lott

Jason Lott is a native Mississippi artist. His work references both the physical and the spiritual, decay and renewal, the external and internal worlds.
As explained by the artist, "The creation process is a sort of spiritual exploration for me. I try to turn off myself, my brain, and my ego when I create. I try to create from a place of pure spirit. The less I think, the better I usually work.  When painting abstractly, dirty brush washing water is just as important as new paint. Every artist working with paints has the jar of water or turpentine that brushes go in and out of while painting. I like the idea of the ‘trash’ that would normally be washed down the drain being on the same level as the untainted paint straight from the tube. It’s sort of a metaphor for how I see the world. The ugly parts of life can always be recycled and reused to help build new ideas and experiences."

The artworks he create are shrines, reliquaries, totems, altars, love letters, journals, and collections of memories. He both constructs and reconstructs their history, purpose, and meaning. They are products of their environment, pieced together from the detritus of the South where Lott was born, resides, and works. They are rich, dark, and dirty like the history of his home.