Artisan Series 2017, 2017

Face to Face, 2017

Artisan Series 2016, 2016

(ouroboros), 2015

A Group Exhibition curated by Christy Wood and Jordan Blanton celebrating rebirth, transformation and change.

Water Water Everywhere, 2014

Water Water Everywhere is an invitational exhibition where artists were asked to interpret the theme of water and its impact on life. The show hopes to raise awareness towards many water issues including the lack of availability of clean drinking water for millions of people around the world. During the show 10% of the purchase price of pieces included in Water Water Everywhere will go to

Man, Myth, Monster, 2012

"Man, Myth, Monster" is a group exhibition curated by Co-director of LeMieux Galleries, Christy Wood featuring works based on myth or inspired by strange and bizarre creatures.

30th Anniversary Celebration: Wisdom, a Book Art Exhibition, 2010

Celebrating 30 Years of LeMieux Galleries

Group Shows