Infra-Red Photographs, 2009-2013

Bobby Wozniak

Although I received a BSN in Nursing from LSU in 1978 and practiced in areas like critical care and diabetes education for 16 years, the hobby of photography became much more to me and now drives my life. Lacking formal training in college hasn't seemed to hamper my ability to compose images well. Frequent travels have always made me focus on new and exciting places, appreciate good lighting, and learn from mistakes. I've been fortunate to be able to toss around camera questions with my brother John, and learn from his patient instruction. My connection to landscape photography goes back to Center Point, Louisiana (near Alexandria) where our family farm is located. The farm is mostly wooded and has belonged to my family since before the Louisiana Purchase. I remember moving there when I was twelve and really loving the woods and appreciating clouds. My early experiments with working in infrared film were in places like Avery Island and Parlange. By using infrared film, the leaves sparkle, giving a surreal and striking feeling to trees and architectural elements, and making clouds more prominent. People from New Orleans seem to have no idea what exists outside the metro area. Louisiana is filled with incredibly scenic rustic beauty, and I hope to help expose locals as well as tourists to our unique surroundings. I am amazed at what I find when I'm lost, or take roads that meander through the countryside.